Monday, July 03, 2006

Some of you have so kindly asked about our fundraiser, the hairbows that Amy makes. We will use any and all monies we make from these cutesy girly accessories for out travel expenses to China next year. I've added some pics, but hope to have a website up and running just devoted to our fundraiser soon. The bows can be custom made to match just about any outfit you can think of, and the infant headbands (any bow style you want just clips onto the headband), are GREAT for those precious, almost bald baby heads! :)
Please email Amy at if you are interested!Thanks!

We're almost DTC!

We received word from our agency, CCAI, that our completed Dossier has been sent to translation, which means that it should be on it's way to China by the end of this week!
For all of you not immersed in the world of international adoption, DTC stands for "Dossier To China", and what it means it that all of the paperwork we have been compiling over the last 6 months is now out of our hands and on it's way to to the CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs). What is also now out of our hands is the wait. The wait until referral (when we know who our angel is and see her picture) currently stands at almost exactly 12 months. We can only hope that the wait gets shorter, or at the very least doesn't get longer.
But, we also know that her little life is in God's hands. He had chosen her for our family before time even began.
Still, we can't wait to meet her!!!